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We only use real wood in all of our products. No veneers, MDF, or any other substitutes.



We are proud to work with Ontario Wood and the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture to source sustainable and beautiful new and reclaimed wood for all of our projects. In doing so, we're supporting over 150,000 jobs in hundreds of communities and respecting our use of precious natural resources.

Vintage Dresser


We have a deep respect for all the wood (new and reclaimed) we work with. As such, we always take our time with every piece to build it as well as it can possibly be built, and never cut corners (pun intended). Our goal is for our pieces to stand the test of time and be handed down from generation to generation.


Our work

Bright Livingroom


We've moved 15 times over the last 8 years. Over that time, none of our big box store furniture has lasted (if it survived the move, it didn't hold up well to wear and tear), which led us to question: why couldn't you get durable furniture with character at a reasonable price?

During this time. we had the privilege of training with a master of the craft, a man with over 40 years of experience in the trade who was willing to teach us what he knew so we could hone our craft. Which led to Tabulo (Latin derivative of the word table).

Each of our pieces is guaranteed to be unique. You're guaranteed a one of a kind piece because each piece of wood is different, and is thus treated and prepared differently.

We're passionate about re-using wood instead of sending it to the dumpster, and enhancing its distressed qualities to highlight its functionality both in a previous life, and its new one: in your home.

All of our pieces are proudly made in Ontario, using wood sourced from all over Canada.​



Interested in one of our pieces, or have some ideas of your own? We'd love to hear from you! 

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